Middlesbrough Midweek Cricket League
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Challenge Cup Rules

  1. The competition shall be called the Mid-week Challenge Cup and shall be open to those clubs comprising the League. (This name may be qualified for promotional purposes.)

  2. The object of the Competition is to provide a different competition between clubs in all divisions of the League

  3. All teams shall be included in the Competition and entry fee will be included in the League Fees.

  4. Players shall have been registered with the League for at least 7 days and have a match qualification before they are eligible to play in a cup match:

    • First round - none
    • Second round - one
    • Subsequent rounds - two

    A player may only play for one team in the current season's competition. Qualification matches may be League or Cup (Rule 21).

  5. All problems regarding the qualification of players and the interpretation of Rules, together with disputes and protests, shall be dealt with by the Hon Secretary. If he deems it necessary, he shall call a meeting of the Management Committee, with 4 to form a quorum.

  6. All collections shall be handed to the Hon Treasurer within 7 days of a match being played.

  7. Grants towards souvenirs shall be provided to the winners and runners-up.

  8. Home teams shall be responsible for ensuring that a pitch and umpires are obtained for matches EXCEPT that Council Pitches for first round ties shall be bokked by the Hon Secretary.
    Clubs shall inform the Hon Secretary of arranged match dates at least 7 days before the scheduled completion date for each round. Arrangements for replays and re-arranged matches shall be made and notified to the Hon Secretary within ONE working day of the incomplete or tied match. The Hon Secretary may arrange the date and venue for any match for which such notification has not been received.

  9. Each team shall provide its own ball.

  10. In all rounds prior to the semi-final, the home team shall pay both umpires: in the semi-finals, each team shall pay one umpire: in accordance with League Rule 27.
    For the Final the fee shall be £5.00. If the match is unfinished, the fee shall be £1.00 plus expenses for each subsequent day.

  11. All matches except the Final shall be played in accordance with League Rule 17.
    For matches which finish with scores level, the side losing the fewer wickets shall be declared the winner. The Final shall be played on a ground and at a time fixed by the Management Committee.

  12. Except where otherwise stated, the League Rules shall cover the playing of Cup matches.


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